5 strategies that would make writing contrast essays a no-brainer


5 strategies that would make writing contrast essays a no-brainer

You need to prepare different academic documents in high school and college. They may include an essay, research proposal, research paper, or dissertation. Subject titled Research Methodology gives precise principles to follow and incorporate in your document. It mainly tells the research strategies and how you can find the relevant data. Those strategies are essential to follow while essay writing service too.


Compare and contrast also two distinct important skills that you may need to follow in academic writing. It means you need to find similarities and differences from two or more subjects with your analysis. To apply this technique you need to write a compare and contrast essay in a precise manner. In such an essay, you can compare research methods, policies, historical figures, and literary devices. I am writing down five main strategies that you should apply while writing this essay.

Five strategies to apply in compare and contrast essay

Strategy one: Compare and contrast topic

Your topic in this essay should be different from other essays like argumentative and descriptive. Choose a topic where you can compare a subject by two different means or that has something in common. To choose the best topic you need to brainstorm different ideas. At first, just gather rough ideas and write them down. The second step is to narrow down your options, for example, your essay topic could be 'compare and contrast world leaders' or compare and contrast specific characteristics in any novel. Only select your topic when you are determined about it.

Strategy two: Select similarities and differences

It is important to know that this essay is entirely related to finding similarities and differences. You can follow and apply the approaches like the Venn diagram and listing for this purpose. Venn diagram has two overlapping circles with wide space in the middle. Originally these represent three circles where it is easy to find similarities, differences, and some common points. When I tried to follow this diagram for my essay, I find it a little difficult so I decided to take help from a professional essay writer. I just wanted to save my time so I asked him to write my essay on a given topic. You can also adopt the same option to get good grades.

Strategy three: Planning and preparation

Before you start writing your compare and contrast essay make sure you have planned your time. As you need a lot of time to research in order to find relevant data. It would be a lot easier for you if you have prepared yourself and know that you want to write in your essay.

Strategy four: Supporting details and evidence

Facts are very important in your essay, their absence can jeopardize your research altogether. You need to add concrete evidence in your essay so that no one can challenge your findings. When I was writing my essay I found it very quickly but I have doubts. So I asked an academic essay writer to write essay for me. Actually, I just wanted him to review my essay as I was not sure about the format and sequence of arguments. Remember that your analysis adds weightage to an essay, you can secure good grades by adding a meaningful analysis.

Strategy five: Make an outline

It may seem unnecessary to you but trust me an outline is a reflection of your essay. It tells the reader about the direction of your essay and how many points you will discuss in it. You can make your outline either in 'subject by subject' format or 'point by point.

Subject by subject outline:

o   Introduction

o   Body Paragraphs

  • First Paragraph – Points and evidence
  • Second Paragraph - Points and evidence

o   Similarities and differences

o   Conclusion

  • Point by point outline:

o   Introduction

o   Body Paragraphs

  • First Point
  • Second Point
  • Third Point